8 speed Shimano gears

The 8 speed Shimano Acera gears give you plenty of range to get going, get up hills, and get up to cruising speed of 20-25km on the flat.

Quick release seat post

Change riders in a jiffy with the quick release seat post clamp. The range of adjustment allows riders from 5’2 to 6’5 to comfortably ride.

Puncture resist kevlar tyres

Getting flat tyres sucks! So we’ve put puncture proof 2″ kevlar balloon tyres on the bike to minimise your chances of getting caught out and for super comfort.

Comfort handlebars

Swept back handlebars with leather grips make for a comfortable upright riding position, with height adjustability for a wide range of rider heights.

Gas Spring Steering Damper

Steering dampers reduce side to side wobble and make the bike safer to ride at higher speeds.

Anti tip frame technology

You need to take turns slower on a 3 wheel bike as the bike does not tilt into the turn. Anti tip frame technology helps counteract these forces and make turning safer.

Front & Rear Hydraulic Disk Brakes

The front and rear Hydraulic Brakes, specifically designed for cargo bikes give you maximum stopping power even when descending steep hills. The front lever includes an integrated park brake.

Versatile rear rack

Comes with a versatile rear rack able to carry 27kg. Add a 5th child with a rear bike seat or just a bunch more gear!

Integrated park brake

The front & rear brakes include a park brake allowing you to park your bike and not have it roll away. This is really handy, trust us!


Four 3-point seat belts

Each bike comes with four removable 3-point seatbelts for your kids (and their friends!). Seatbelts can be easily adjusted depending on child height and include chest straps for smaller kids. Easily remove un-needed seatbelts with no tools required.

Fold up front bench

Fold up the front bench when not being used to up your cargo storage game. Drop the kids at school and pick up a week’s worth of groceries. Simply fold the bench back down again when it’s time to pick up the kids.

Lockable storage bench

Keep your spare tubes, and rain cover out of sight in the storage bench under the seat closest to the rider, plus lock up your helmets and valuables when you stop. Don’t need lockable space? the storage box can be easily removed.


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