We love our Tribe Original 3 wheel cargo bikes, we really love them and so do thousands of Australian families, but we know they’re not for everyone. 

If storage is at a premium it can be hard to find somewhere to store your bike and they’re not exactly designed to throw on a car bike rack to take on holidays.

We saw a Longtail style cargo bike as the solution to this problem, and set out to develop a bike that had a similar footprint to a regular bike, could be more simply transported by car whilst retaining all the flexibility of our classic trike style bike.

What's a longtail cargo bike?

The “Longbike”, produced in Adelaide in the 1970s.

Longtail cargo bikes have their style in their name, with a ‘long tail’, your cargo can be carried behind you. The Evamos Longtail has room for two kids behind you (maybe even 3 if you really squish them in), and a front rack to carry anything else.

Whilst they don’t have the huge amount of storage space as a box style bike like the Tribe Original, they benefit from being much more compact and riding more like a normal bike. Their versatility is what sets them apart.

Fun Fact, whilst the Americans may claim inventing the longtail bike, it is believed that the first ever Longtail bike was actually invented and produced in Australia, in Adelaide. Called the “longbike”, it was produced in the late 1970s as a solution to get the founder’s children to school. Sounds like a familiar problem!

The Evamos comes in 4 colour options with identical specifiications: Aqua, Coral, Black and White. We genuinely can’t pick a favourite. They all look amazing in their own right, from the vibrance of the Aqua and Coral to the smart sophistication of the Black and White, we’re certain there’s a colour out there to suit everyone!

Well stabilised, even with a heavy load

The Evamos has been equipped with a small 20″ rear wheel and a larger 24″ front wheel. The small rear wheel helps to keep the centre of gravity low, whilst the larger front wheel helps  to create more control.

We’ve found that heavy loads do not make the bike feel unsafe to ride, and the powerful 80nM torque motor, means that what would normally be a wobbly takeoff from a standing start is almost non existent, as you can immediately get to a non wobbly speed.

The bike can support 200kg total weight, with a 80kg limit on the rear rack. This should be plenty of weight capacity!

8 speed Shimano Gears

The 8 speed Shimano Altus gears give you plenty of range to get going, get up hills, and get up to cruising speed of 20-25km on the flat.

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