Orbea Gain M30 1X Carbon



Orbea Gain M30 1X Carbon


Gain features the new lightweight and integrated motor system the X35 which will give you moderate power in a well specified and lightweight package. 

Following the current trend in ebikes, Orbea is producing a range of light weight advanced hub drive e bikes perfect for city commuting.

The Orbea Gain M30 1X ebike is the base gravel model with the Orbea's new frame with forks and seatpost. Its running platform has been designed especially for gravel riding and includes the Shimano 11-speed GRX drivetrain and RX400 hydraulic disc brakes. This year's Gain platform benefits from some excellent new upgrades such as integrated lighting and better handling with its new frame and geometry. At just over 11kg in weight it delivers an exceptional road and offroad ride with the extra oomph of the motor taking the sting out of the hills to help you reach new heights. 

X35 – Light & Smart eBike System

At a time when most of the sector is looking towards a powerful electric bike, which involves high consumption and, therefore, large batteries and system and cost increases, almost reaching the motorbike concept, ebikemotion introduced an idea that may seem obsolete in the market. However, from the perspective of efficiency and optimisation, we have managed to recover the resources, creating a propulsion system (engine, battery, HMI, etc.) that offers the manufacturers of eBikes the chance to make something different, something that does not look like an eBike, something light (actually below 12 kg). A system with an uncommon autonomy that also allows the user to enjoy the feeling of cycling with an ordinary bicycle (non-electric).

Integrated Lights

It’s like magic – Fully integrated lighting is just one more feature to enhance your ride. Gain is safer and more functional with head and tail lamps that announce your presence day and night. With full-time running lights and an optional high beam light Gain is ready for the road.

Hidden Clamp

The seatpost clamp of each Gain Carbon is integrated smoothly into the frame, decreasing the likelihood of contamination and increasing aerodynamics. It also looks great, too

PAS sensor

Gain’s smooth and balanced assist requires an advanced sensor. Blending perfectly with our effort to create a sleek and discrete system, the cassette lock ring is replaced with a PAS sensor that monitors your pedaling input and adjusts power accordingly.

Charging Port

Gain doesn’t require a multitude of wires, ports or accessories. The CAN (Controller Area Network) bus port provides a single interface for charging, system diagnosis or attaching the Range Extender

Ebikemotion X35 Plus

The Gain motor is the heart of the bike and the key component behind the Enough Energy concept. Its sophisticated transmission system provides smooth, balanced and reliable pedaling assistance in levels that allow you to improve your rides without making it too easy. And since the motor is located on the wheel axle, not the bottom bracket, you’ll enjoy pedaling without resistance when the power assist is off. The Gain’s torque simulation algorithm allows the bike to match power input per pedal stroke in order to generate more power when it’s needed and conserve it when it’s not.

X35 Internal battery

The battery is one of the most noticeable components of an eBike system, so every step has been taken to find the lightest, smallest and most discreet unit. Gain’s Enough Range battery provides you enough battery power, not more. It eliminates the need for a bulky, high-output battery that needs to be removed from the bike

IWOC One and Display

Gain’s control centre is an attractive and discreet button on the top tube and a cycle computer mounted on the stem. With the simple iWoc ONE interface you can power the system on or off, check motor assist level and view the remaining battery charge. Coloured LED lighting puts all the information you need right at your fingertips.


A smartphone and smartwatch compatible app enables deeper control of the iWoc system used by Gain. Ride tracking, activity and GPS route uploading and other functions are available from your mobile device, making Gain an even more valuable tool.

ICR Plus

Internal Cable Routing is carefully guided along the best path under the stem and through the head tube, with no rub or rattle, and is optimized for both traditional and electronic shifting systems. Proprietary headset spacers smooth airflow and offer easy adjustment. The entire Orbea road line offers this clean solution with OC Integrated stems and cable cover

Integrated Covers

Gain has only one external wire connection, allowing the rear wheel to be removed from the bike. This cable is tucked neatly under the chainstay and hidden with a smoothly-integrated cover. The battery access port under the BB is similarly invisible, and the headset cover blends neatly into the top tube. After all, what’s the point of designing a great-riding bike and forgetting the design details?

Range Extender

When added to the Ebikemotion X35 system, the extender charges the bike’s main battery and provides an additional 208 W/h to the 248W/h capacity of the internal battery. This brings the system battery size to over 450W/h, giving a 70% boost in range.

    • FRAME Orbea Gain Carbon OMR monocoque structure, Integrated Seat clamp with integrated STVZO rear light, ICR cable routing, Forged BB, 135x9 QR, Flat Mount disc, 700x40 maximun tyre, 1" 1/2 semi head set, BB386 EVO.
    • FORK Gain OMR carbon fork, with 1-1/5 carbon steerer, 700x40 maximun tyre, flat mount disc mount, 12x100mm Thrue Axle, with down tube aero integration.
    • CRANKSET Shimano GRX RX600 40t
    • HEADSET Acros Alloy 1-1/2" Internal Cable Routing
    • HANDLEBAR OC1 All Road, reach 80mm, drop 125mm, flare 12º  Consult other components
    • STEM Orbea ICR -8º
    • SHIFTERS Shimano ST-RX600
    • BRAKES Shimano RX400 Hydraulic disc
    • CASSETTE Shimano CS-M7000 11-40t 11-Speed
    • REAR DERAILLEUR Shimano RX812 GS
    • CHAIN Shimano HG 601
    • WHEELS FULCRUM E-Racing 900  Consult other components
    • TYRES Schwalbe G-ONE Bite, 40-622, 700x38C, Performance Line RaceGuard, TLE, ADDIX Classic Skin
    • SEATPOST OC2 Carbon 27.2 Offset 20
    • SADDLE Selle Royal Asphalt GR  Consult other components
    • FRONT LIGHT Rear position light, on saddle clamp, COB Led, On/Off, 12 Lumen. STVZO
    • BATTERY Ebikemotion 36V/6.9A 248Wh ANT+
    • HANDLEBAR PLUGS Orbea Anti-Slippery/Shock Proof
    • DISPLAY Ebikemotion Pulsar One monochrome ANT+ LEV
    • CHARGER Ebikemotion X35
    • REMOTE1 Ebikemotion iWoc ONE
    • FRONT WHEEL AXLE Orbea Thru Axle 12x100mm M12x2 P1 Lite

MOTOR Ebikemotion X35 25kmh 

BATTERY Ebikemotion 36V/6.9A
CHARGER Ebikemotion X35
REMOTE1 Ebikemotion iWoc ONE
REMOTE2 Ebikemotion iWoc TRIO


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