Kalkhoff looks back on a long history. Bicycles have been manufactured and sold under the Kalkhoff brand name since 1919.


  • Bosch Performance CX smart system drive with 85 Nm
  • Integrated Bosch PowerTube battery with 750 Watt hour capacity
  • Range up to 100 km*
  • Plus+: flexible all-rounder with an approved gross weight of up to 170 kg

The Kalkhoff Image 7.B Excite + 2022 Electric Bike has been packed with smart features and quality components which, when combined with a powerful Bosch motor, makes an E-Bike that will allow you to travel further and faster than ever before.

Kalkhoff have equipped the Image with a powerful Bosch Performance Line CX Smart System which can transfer up to 85Nm of power to the pedals and works alongside a high-capacity 750Wh Bosch PowerTube Li-Ion battery that boasts a range of up to 100km.

The electric bike features an Enviolo Trekking groupset which works alongside a Gates Carbondrive CDX belt which offers smooth and response shifting and requires zero maintenance. At the same time, Tektro M535 hydraulic disc brakes offer strong braking performance in both the dry and the wet.

The Kalkhoff electric bike has been packed with intelligent features. A rear rack rack is useful when carrying heavy loads, such as shopping, whilst mudguards ensure that you arrive at your destination clean and dry. Furthermore, a full lighting system enhances visibility when riding at night.

Comfort has been maximised on the 7.B Excite. A Suntour suspension fork soaks up the bumps and vibrations for a smooth ride, whilst an adjustable stem allows you to tailor the bike for the perfect fit.

What do the abbreviations Excite, Advance, Move and Belt, XXL and Pure mean in the model names?

At Kalkhoff, you can combine different drive systems, frames, colours and many other components to create the perfect bike for you.

Equipment level:

  • EXCITE Top equipment with well-thought-out details and the best and most exclusive components
  • ADVANCE Best value for money for the most demanding requirements
  • MOVE Our strong baseline: always ready for a wide variety of uses

Special equipment:

  • XXL Extra strong frames and components for total permissible weights of up to 170 kg.
  • BELT Thanks to the belt drive system, dirt, squeaking, rust and oily fingers are a thing of the past. For unadulterated cycling pleasure at all times.
  • PURE The pared-down variant. Clean design and an uncluttered appearance for a confidently stylish urban look.


Kalkhoff lets you combine drives, frames, colours and many other components. Our four bike platforms provide cyclists with a fast and intuitive way to find just the e-bike they are looking for.

►  LEVEL 7 (Plus+ series)
The top of the range features state-of-the-art engineering and ingenious details. Bikes that can easily take on any challenge – on any terrain.

►  LEVEL 5 (Plus+ series)
The 5 Plus+ series with a maximum load capacity of 170 kg offers the best in stability, comfort and flexibility. For added riding enjoyment.

►  LEVEL 3 
Upmarket equipment for everyday cycling. Design-oriented, comfortable and stylish. With integrated battery and geometry designed for comfort.

►  LEVEL 1
Low, lower, entry level. With their extra low step-through frames, these e-bikes make the step into the world of e-cycling effortless.


What is the maximum weight for Kalkhoff bicycles and e-bikes?

The total permissible weight of our bikes is 130 kg. Bikes with “XXL” and “Plus+” in their names even offer you a load capacity of up to 170 kg. The total permissible weight is calculated using the following formula: Weight of bike + weight of cyclist + weight of additional load = 130 kg or 170 kg

How far can I get on my battery charge?

There is no universal answer to this question. There are many different factors that can affect the range. These include, for example, the assistance level, your cycling behaviour, your weight, the tyre pressure and the ground conditions.

Do I need to run down the battery completely before I charge it up again?

No. Most batteries contain lithium-ion cells and can be charged for as little time as you like. Interruptions will not damage the batteries either.

How do I charge my battery?

You can charge your battery for as little time as you like, no matter what its current charge is. Interruptions will not damage the battery either. In other words, there is no memory effect. However, you should definitely make sure that you only use the correct charging device. 

Can the battery be removed from the frame?

Yes, you can remove all batteries from the frame. 

What does maximum torque mean?

The torque (measured in Newton metres “Nm”) describes the rotation effect (or torsion) resulting from the application of force, e.g., pedalling.
If you compare motors with torques of 75 Nm and 40 Nm, a stationary start at 75 Nm is significantly faster and more pleasant than at 45 Nm. This does not include the watt output from the battery. Ultimately, the higher the maximum torque, the better the acceleration.

What are assistant levels on an e-bike?


Power assist is off


Power assist for maximum battery range and efficiency


optimised power assist for a long range


strong power assist for sports biking


maximum power assist for fast riding


improved assist for powerful approaches and a more dynamic ride (especially suited for e-mountain bikes)

Assistance levels can vary according to the manufacturer, both in terms of the number and choice.

What is walk assist?

Some manufacturers insist that walk assist should only be used when you want to push your bike. It is easily activated using an external switch or button. This is generally on the handlebars of your e-bike. As a result, it is not necessary to pedal in order to move the e-bike.

Motor Bosch Performance Line CX Smart System, 36 V / 250 W / 85 Nm
Display Bosch Kiox 300 colour display with walk assist
Battery Bosch PowerTube Li-Ion 36 V
Drive system Bosch
Shifting system Enviolo Trekking
Shifter Enviolo Trekking
Crankset aluminium
Gear Ratio front: 46, rear: 22
Brakes Tektro M535, 4-Piston, hydraulic disc brake
Brake rotors 180
Headlight Supernova E3 Mini 2
Taillight Spanninga Pimento
Frame Integrale 1.6, Aluminium
Rims Rodi TRYP35, with double eyelets
Fender aluminium, painted
Fork Suntour Mobie25 Air, lockout, 15 mm thru axle
Stem Concept EX, adjustable
Kickstand rear stand, adjustable
Handlebar Concept EX Ergo Riser,Concept EX City Riser
Permissible Total Weight 170 kg
Saddle Selle Royal Lookin Plus
Seatpost Kind Shock, suspension dropper post
Pedals Comfort, with anti slip protection and reflector
Carrier Racktime System Carrier
Gear System gearhub
Brake disc brake
Chain Gates Carbondrive CDX
Travel Fork 75 mm
Grip Description Ergon GC10
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