Find your Happy Place with the new Focus Jam 7 series. It’s been under wraps for a while now, but no more! It’s a Jam with a Shimano Ep8 motor like it’s 2020 previous and original incarnation. Two models with a 720wh battery, 29er wheels (flip chip) and 150mm of joyous and nimble travel. It will be up live and we will share it far and wide. Available for pre order now with the first drop landing early Feb. yew! ⚡️


    Shimano's EP8 e-drive offers dynamic power and a lightweight system that supports the JAM² 7.9's agile geometry. You have two motor support profiles that you can customise to your needs. Thus, you can easily switch via the display between a smooth and continues profile for your ride to the trails and a very dynamic, progressive profile for your actual trail ride. It's all up to your preferences. Furthermore, our specially developed, integrated, yet removable battery supports your super long rides with 720 Wh. Additionally, a USB C port on the top tube gives you the opportunity to charge your devices.

    With the upgrade of our well-known F.O.L.D. kinematics, your JAM² 7.9 is ready to shred even more. We kept the well-liked sensitivity of the F.O.L.D. but changed the positioning of our kinematics within the frame for strong bottom-out resistance. The characteristics are completely progressive which results in a chassis that offers a lot of stability in rough terrain. Especially e-mountain bikes with their additional weight of motor and battery benefit from more progression. This allows you to handle any trail while the chassis still provides comfort for long laps. Furthermore, the lower standover of the JAM² 7.9 gives you more space to play on the trail.

    Riding performance first. The JAM² 7.9 will make your ride better – every time. An agile, nimble geometry in a slim, compact design will push you over all kind of trails whether technical or flow. The FLIP CHIP at your JAM² 7.9's linkage can be used to adjust your geometry to an even more aggressive riding style. The small adjustment of the head angle from 65,5° to 65° changes your whole set-up goal making it even more downhill-oriented. Additionally, the specially developed C.I.S. (Cockpit Integration Solution) design ensures a clean cockpit and constantly seamless shifting and braking. All cables run from the handlebar into the stem and through the headset into the frame. On top, all your essentials fit in the tool bag between top and down tube.

How does it ride?
The F.O.L.D. suspension kinematics was developed to offer a super smooth and sensitive ride with great bottom-out resistance. This is achieved by a linear-progressive suspension curve. Riders who have ridden it describe it “as active and poppy feeling”which they are not used on EMTBs with higher system weights.

Two types of riders benefit from this in different ways. The more experienced riders enjoy the active feel of the bike. It responds well in fast corners, on quick movements and weight shifts. Less experienced riders appreciate the great control over the bike. The bike gives active feedback and doesn't overwhelm the rider. And both groups of riders enjoy the great bottom-out resistance equally.

One of the major reasons why we chose the upper position of the rear shock was to achieve greater standover height. With this design, we could lower the seat tube significantly to previous generations of bikes. This offers three great benefits: 1) An improved centre of gravity as the centre of mass is lower 2) Running longer dropper post to get a better downhill performance 3) Low standover height for improved bike handling in technical terrain

The main pivot is really close to the axle, low anti squat causes little pedal kick-back. Anti squat value is close to 100 when you ride in sag. It means the bike not only descends pretty well, but it also has a great climbing ability. Especially on technical terrain where consistent traction is key.

Shimano EP8 e-drive
The Shimano EP8 offers 85 Nm of power support on your ride up to 25 km/h. You can customise your ride with two motor support profiles.Our own developed battery system with 720 Wh is fully integrated but still easy to remove with external and internal charging options.

For everyone who wants to take the battery out for charging, you just need to unscrew one single bolt to slide out the battery. For everyone else, you can just charge the bike at the lower end of the down tube. The design of the battery is unique due to its shape. Since the downtube is slightly curved to realize well-working geometries

USB-C port
Nicely placed at the bike’s main switch, we have integrated a USB-C charging option. There you can power up your phone or GPS

Bottle cage adapter
From size medium upwards, all bikes can carry a big 750 ml water bottle without any issue. For everyone who will run a more downhill oriented setup with his bike and chooses a piggyback rear shock, we developed a bottle cage adapter to keep carrying your water bottle on rides. It slightly changes the position of the bottle and prevents any interference with the piggyback.

Kickstand adapter
We have designed an almost invisible option to mount a kickstand. All bikes come with a tiny adapter to use an 18 mm standard kickstand. For everyone else, it’s almost invisible.

The new FLIP CHIP at our linkage can be used to adjust the geometry to an even more aggressive riding style. The small adjustment of the head angle changes your whole setup making it even more downhill-oriented. From a nimble ride to high stability or down to numbers: from 65,5° ; head angle to 65°; from 76,5°; seat tube angle to 76°; from 446,5 mm chainstay to 448 mm; from 19,5 mm BB Drop to 20 mm.

C.I.S. stem
All cables (brake housing, shifting, dropper post and e-drive cables) get routed carefully through the stem and into the frame. Not only does it keep everything tidy and great looking; it also protects the cables from external influences. We made it work for both mechanical and electric shiftin

Tool bag
Between the top and down tube we have placed a handy tool bag. It's just big enough to carry a tube, a mini tool and a tiny pump. It’s well secured with two Allen screws and perfectly integrated into the design of the bike.

The bikes come with an universal rear derailleur hanger (UDH= Universal Derailleur Hanger) which allows you to get spare ones anywhere quick and easy


FRAME:7005 hydroformed aluminium, 3D forging, 150 mm F.O.L.D. GEN2 kinematic, 148x12 mm thru axle, internal cable routing, USB-C port, post mount 203 mm


FORK:FOX 36 Float Rhythm 29, Grip Remote, 110x15 mm, 44 mm rake


SHOCK: FOX Float X Performance, 210/55 mm, hardware: 25.0 x 8.0 mm, no Bushing

MOTOR: Shimano Steps EP8, 36V / 250 W / 85 Nm



DISPLAY: Shimano Steps EM800

SHIFTER: Shimano Deore XT M8100, 12-speed

REAR DERAILLEUR: Shimano Deore XT M8100, 12-speed

SPROCKET: Shimano SLX M7100, 12-speed

CHAIN: Shimano SLX CN-M7100

CRANKSET: Shimano FC-EM600, 12-speed

BOTTOM BRACKET: Integrated in Drive Unit

TRANSMISSION OF DRIVE: front: 36, rear: 10-51

HANDLEBAR: Handlebar, 800 mm, rise: 35 mm, backsweep: 9°

STEM: FOCUS C.I.S. integrated, 50 mm, 0°, 35 mm, aluminium


SADDLE: Proxim W400

SEATPOST: Post Moderne dropper post PM-214, 34.9 mm

BRAKES: Shimano XT M8120, 4 piston

BRAKE LEVER: Shimano XT M8120, 4 piston


RIMS: RaceFace AR30 Offset

REAR HUB: Novatec D462 Disc, 12x148 mm thru axle

FRONT HUB: Novatec D041, 15x110 mm







What does the FLIP CHIP on the JAM² 7. series do?

The FLIP CHIP changes the seat and head tube angle by 0,5 degrees. You can ride different geometries with your JAM² 7. series.

Which FLIP CHIP position should I use for my JAM² 7.?

Try both and decide by yourself what suits you best.


Can I add an internal dropper post?

Yes. And all our JAM² come with an internal dropper post.

Can I add fenders, kickstand, rack?

Yes, you can mount a kickstand with our kickstand adapter. Kickstands that fit our adapter should have the "Pletscher Mount 19 mm" standard. You can't install fenders and rack.

Can I change between 1by and 2by? What is 1by and 2by?

1by and 2by means that the bike is either equipped with two or only one chainring in the front. Our e-bikes are 1by only as the motor just allows one chainring.

Can I add a chain guide? 

The JAM² 7. series already has an integrated chainguide.

Does the bike have a chain stay protector?


Can I change to electronic shifting / mechanical shifting

Yes, both is possible.

What to do, if I want to change from 29" to 27,5" or the other way around?

The JAM² 7. series is designed around 29" wheels and we do not recommend changing wheels.

What kind of headset does the JAM² 7. use?

ZS56 / ZS66 with integrated cable routing.


Can I attach a bike trailer?

Yes, our JAM² 7. series is permitted to use with classic two-tracked bike trailers. The total system weight limit of 150 kg should still not be exceeded.


Can I connect a light or other equipment to the battery? Is there a light cable already in the bike?

Yes, you can. There is no cable prepared internally, but you can connect to the battery via an USB port on the top tube (USB-C standard).

Is there a skid plate (cover) on the JAM² 7.?

Yes, actually there are two skidplates (covers) that prevent damage to the battery or motor of the JAM² 7. One is mounted to the battery, one directly underneath the motor.

How do I get my battery out?

You need a 6 mm Hex key (allen key) to release the bolt for the motor. As soon as both the bolt is pulled out completely and the charge plug is released, you can pull out the battery. Please make sure that your bike is laying on the ground or you have it flipped over (standing on handlebar and sattle). Due to the length of the battery, you can´t get it out when the bike is standing upright.

Can I change the battery to a smaller / larger battery?

No, that is not possible.

Can I connect my smartphone to the bike?

Yes, you can connect via the Shimano eTube app.

How far can I ride with the JAM² 7.?

There is no definite answer to that. Different factors have an impact on your range: Your weight, your luggage, the terrain you ride, which support mode you prefer and and even the temperature influences how long your battery will last.

Can I add a second battery?

No, that is not possible.

Can I tune my e-bike?

No, that's not possible and even if it would, we do not recommend it.


What is the maximum brake rotor dimension?

You can use a maximum rotor dimension of 220 mm.

Which groupsets do fit? With what dimensions?

The largest chainring you can use has 36 teeth, the biggest cassette up to 52 teeth.

What is the maximum tire width?

Maximum tire width is 2,6 or 66 mm (29" wheels)

What is the maximum seat post length?

The maximum seat post insertion depends on your frame size: S: 240 mm; M: 270 mm; L: 300; XL: 320 mm

What is the maximum system weight?

The total weight limit is 150 kg for the JAM² 7. series. It includes the weight of the bike, the rider and all equipment.

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