Felt Cruiser with Fly Kly Smartwheel

$2,495.00 $1,495.00


Felt Cruiser with Fly Kly Smartwheel

$2,495.00 $1,495.00

Named for its ability to soar over all terrain, The Float is a fat tire cruiser that boasts style and supreme ride quality. The Float features an aluminium frame and hi-rise cruiser handlebars.

Rigged up with the super insanely cool Flykly Smartwheel. The most relaxing ride you'll ever have. Sit back and cruise dude!

Sydney Electric Bikes is the only place you can get your hands on a test ride of the Flykly smart hub kit. Available in store for test rides now. Come and try out this brilliantly light and stealthy electric conversion kit, all packaged in a single white hub. Genius. 

One Smart Move Makes All The Difference.

Once you’ve experienced the new Smart Wheel you’ll be moved in every way. In technical terms, it is a lightweight, highly efficient pedal assist wheel, fully operated through the Smart App on your smart phone. In other terms Smart Wheel is an amazing tool that makes your commute easier, faster and smarter. It’s only the beginning of a beautiful journey.

Made For One Another.

Smart Wheel fits to practically any bicycle or lifestyle. And turns any bike to electric bicycle and any commuter to joyrider in no time. It fits any gear as well as single speed bike and doesn’t change its appearance – it turns your bike to Smart bike in no time. While packed with all that tech, Smart Wheel is still the lightest and the smallest out there, available in four different sizes – 28’’(City bike), 26’’ (Mountain bike), 20’’(foldable and bmx bikes) + HUB (limitless possibilities of adjustment).

The Wheel Reinvented.

It has always been round but never this smart. Smart Wheel is responsive to riders actions – it listens and learns your moves to help provide the smoothest ride. Its heart is powered by patented innovative solutions and comes with regenerative braking system so you can go even further on a single charge. Smart Wheel has an enviable range from 40 to 100 km (25 to 60 miles)* and can assist you up to 25 km/h (16 mph). Its 250 W motor is powered by Lithium batteries while all the sensors – motion sensor, torque sensor, motor temperature sensor, system monitoring sensor – are what is making it smart.

Breathtaking Without Taking Your Breath.

Smart Wheel looks as good as it runs. Its small size can barely be noticed on the bike as it measures 180 millimeters in diameter and weighs only 3 kg (6 lbs). The sturdy and weatherproof housing is made of 6082-T6 aluminum that helps cool the motor and batteries. It was made for simple use – a compact all-in-one design easy to take on and off. And all this tech comes in 2 essential colors – pure white and silver gray. Your bike will be proud to wear Smart Wheel for business or pleasure.


A high quality puncture-resistant rigid tire for everyday reliability.

What, Where and How? Follow the App.

We have the answer. Connect your Smart Wheel with the BitRide App to track how you ride and get suggestions for alternative routes to make your commute safer, easier and more fun. Use it to control your Smart Wheel or connect with your friends and share your rides and stats. It’s compatible with iOS & Android and available now.


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