$3,695.00 $3,295.00



$3,695.00 $3,295.00

Rover’s design has been inspired by vintage motorbikes. This version utilises a high torque and super powerful 750W motor and a massive 48V 17.4AH battery, which gives you up to 85 km of range. Compared to the standard Rover, Rover plus comes with front suspension forks, an 11% larger battery and hydraulic brakes as standard. Rover is a 2 person bike and can carry up to 150 kg of load. Rover has both throttle and pedal-assist options.

Rover Plus is the latest addition to the DiroDi Rover series. Rover is one of the best selling electric bikes in Australia for good reasons: Rover is solid, reliable, versatile, comfortable, geat value for money and a head turner!

Now with Rover Plus , we have made this great bike even better. It has been designed with YOU in mind. Rover Plus comes with downhill grade front suspension forks, hydraulic brakes and a 48V 17.4ah battery, which is %11 larger than the battery used on the standard Rover range. Equipped with downhill grade front suspension forks, Rover Plus can be ridden on any terrain whether it’s city streets or mountainside trails. Having a larger battery, means you’ll get more distance between charges. We’re so excited about this bike, and we know you’re going to love it too! So read on to see how each feature makes Rover Plus, the only bike you will ever need!


The Rover Plus (750w- 48v) is powered by a 750-watt motor and has a torque of 85 N.m, which provides great hill-climbing power. Rover Plus 750W max speed is locked to 25 km/h out of the box. The speed can be unlocked, in which case the bike is capable of reaching up to 40 km/h of speed.

The unique customised controller allows you to switch between 750w, 500w and 250w of power. This enables you to increase your range by lowering the maximum power whenever needed. Rover has a very reliable brushless motor, which requires zero maintenance.


Not all suspension systems are the same. We have $40 suspension forks and $10,000 ones. Cheap suspension forks only add an extra weight to the bike and don't make the ride more comfortable. The fact is 80% of bikes in the market come with those types of suspension forks. However, this is not the case with the suspension on the Rover Plus.
Rover Plus comes with premium downhill grade front suspension forks. The suspension provides 8 cm of travel and is equipped with compression damping, meaning you can adjust the firmness/softness of the suspension or completely lock it to get a steadier ride on level ground where there’s no slope or bump to be absorbed.


Usually the answer to "what's the best electric bike for me", depends on where you are going to ride it. You may not have the answer to that question! If you don't have a specific destination in mind and you just want to let your mood decide where to go, then the Rover Plus will be a perfect choice. Thanks to the stylish puncture-resistant KENDA fat tyres, Rover Plus (750w) is like an SUV that can be taken anywhere on most terrains, from city streets to grass or even sand. So, if you don’t like the idea of being limited on your bike, Rover is the answer. It will take you where no skinny-tyre bike could!


Getting around town shouldn't be ordinary. As a spectacular one-of-a-kind rider who cares about traveling in-style, you deserve a bike that reflects your special nature. The Rover is inspired by retro-style vintage designs with a modern twist making you long to get more than just a ride. So, be prepared to turn heads as this classically styled cruiser will give you and the watchers the timeless feel of nostalgia. It’s a lifestyle that matches the taste of every rider who likes to stand out and let their image speak.


Ride long distances with confidence on this powerful DiroDi Rover 750W. It is equipped with a premium 48 Volt 17.4AH battery with 2 to 4 years of efficiency which is a long life for a battery supporting 500 to 1000 recharge cycles. The battery is removable making it easy to charge at home or work or any other place where there is a power source. With this powerful battery, you can be very sure you won't get stuck anywhere in the town or off-road.


If you often find yourself biking at night or in low-light conditions, the Rover’s built-in strong head and tail lights are what you need. The powerful front light on this bike is an absolute blessing especially if you’re riding in off-road darkness. Not only does it have a cool motorcycle style but also it can guide you through the darkest terrains giving you the best vision. Both lights are powered by the main battery and that spares you the trouble of running short of light charge without being warned. Also, the blinking tail light in this bike makes your ride even safer.


DiroDi Rover Plus has a strong water-resistant structure making it superior in every aspect. You can ride it in all weather conditions without worrying about your bike getting drenched. This is particularly important if you live in Australia. With Rover, the rain won’t ruin your ride ever again!
It is the electric bike that lets you enjoy the great outdoors no matter what the weather. So go ahead—take it out for a spin in the rain!


The Rover's large cushioned saddle will guarantee you a comfy ride, especially while riding on old or uneven bumpy roads. The bike also has comfortable handlebars that allow the rider to attain a relaxed riding posture without putting too much pressure on the wrists or the back muscles. The cool feature of the large saddle also allows you to ride for hours on end without discomfort and it will make your experience better than ever giving you a sense of resting while riding!


Having a throttle is part of riding an electric bike whether you are off-roading or just on a casual ride along the bike path. A throttle is basically a lever that allows you to control your bike's power. The throttle on Rover(750W) is locked at 6km/h but it can be unlocked when you're biking off-the-road. It's especially helpful when you just don't feel like pedalling anymore but you want to keep your bike running ahead. The twist throttle system used in Rover(750W) is absolutely fun and popular with most bike riders and it gives you that cool feeling to ride in style with just the twist of your wrist.


The LCD Panels used on e-bikes can be most riders’ best travel companion and guide. They’re functional and have all the data useful on long rides and short commutes.
The water-resistant large LCD panel on Rover Plus (750) gives you the guide with speed, battery level, motor power mode, odometer and power assist level (6 levels) and more details. It also allows you to go through most settings like switching between motor power modes, 250, 500 and 750W and changing the max speed of the bike only by a tap on the display setting menu.


Keep your morning coffee mug on your bike! The step-over frame in DiroDi Rover Plus (750W) is designed with a simple and functional cup holder on it so you can enjoy your coffee while you commute or take a ride on leisurely weekends. This cup holder comes standard on our Rover in the most convenient and reachable spot on the frame and it helps you keep your cup handy.


You can consider the derailleur a blessing because it helps you tailor your ride according to what feels the most comfortable to you. Thanks to Shimano Derailleur changing gears in Rover Plus(750W) is done very smoothly and you can quickly switch gears on 7 different levels and tackle any terrain or slope. The option of a derailleur on an e-bike might be a basic idea and yet a very useful one!


There’s a happy medium in DiroDi: Offering a bike that comes with the extras you need so you don't have to buy them yourself and pay extra! Rover comes with the two of the most necessary things you need to hit the road right out of the box:
Rear Rack
You will find a functional rustproof rear rack on Rover that is made from sturdy aluminium. This rack allows you to carry bags, baskets and other items up to 7 kg easily, securely and with confidence.
Rear Footrest
Rover is a two-person bike but it is also built for safety. The Rover's footrest with its rubber soles for non-slip grip is a great one to provide a safe place for your passenger to put their feet up and enjoy the ride while you take in the sights.
These two add-ons are exactly the features that make your ride the safest especially for your junior one.


Rover Plus is equipped with Tektro E350 hydraulic brakes, which provide great stopping power and let you stop on a dime when you need to. Hydraulic brakes have more stopping power, and being hydraulic means, you can pull the brake levers easier. The other advantage is that with hydraulic brakes, when the pads get worn, automatically, the distance between the pads and the disk are adjusted, whereas, with mechanical brakes, the brake should be readjusted manually every few hundred kilometres that the bike is ridden. So with hydraulic brakes, brakes are maintenance free until the pads need to be changed.

Battery A/H 17.4
Battery Description Lithium Battery
Battery Voltage (V) 48
Battery W/H 835.2
Charging Time (Hour) 7.5
Max Range (KM) 110
Average Range (KM) 70
Battery Weight (KG) 3
Charger Model 54.6V 2A 3-Pin Charger
Removable Battery Yes
Throttle Range (KM) 30
General Specifications
Colour Matte Black or Matte Grey or Red
Road Legal Yes (250W) | No (750W)
Road Legality Note 250W is road legal given the throttle is not unlocked and the max speed hasn't increased from the default 25km/h. 750W is for on off-road or on private property use only
Waterproof Rating IP54
Sitting Position Upright
Grips Model Velo Leather Grips (Black)
Handlebars Type Riser
Saddle Model Custom 60CM Long 2-Person Seat
Front Basket Optional
Bell Yes
Bottle Holder Yes
Front Carrier Optional
Front Light Yes (Integrated)
Mudguards Yes
Other Rear Passenger Footrests, Centre Storage Box (optional), Height Extender (optional)
Rear Basket Yes
Rear Light Yes (Integrated)
Rear Rack Yes (Integrated)
USB Charger Yes
Wheel Lock No
Brake Brand / Model Tektro HD-E350 (Hydraulic)
Brake Cut off Sensor Yes
Brake Pads Model/Material E10.11/Compound
Brake Type Hydraulic Disk Brakes
Rotor Size (MM) 180
Cassette Tooth 14 - 34
Chain Model KMC Z7RB with Anti-Rust Coating
Chainring Model Prowheel Double Chainring
Chainring Tooth Count 48
Derailleur Model Shimano Tourney
Number of gears 7
Suspension Type Front
Suspension Compression Adjustment Yes
Suspension Yes
Suspension Model KKE Thru-Axle
Suspension Travel (CM) 8
Throttle Yes
Throttle Type Twist
Default Throttle Max Speed (KM/H) 6
Throttle Max Unlocked Speed (KM/H) 40 (750W Motor) | 30 (250W Motor)
Tyre Size (Inch) 20
Tyre Brand / Model Kenda Krusade Sport Puncture Resistant
Tyre Width (Inch) 4
Puncture Resistant Tyres Yes
Tyre Colour Black
Frame Step-Over or Step-Thru
Frame Size (Inch) 19
Max Load (KG) 150
Frame Material Aluminium Alloy 6061
Rider Height Guide
Min Rider's Height (Depreciated) 160 (5' 3")
Rider Max Height (CM) 190 (6′ 3″)
Motor Power (W) 250 or 750
Motor Brand / Model MXUS Rear Hub Motor
Max Unlocked Speed (KM/H) 40 (750W) | 30 (250W)
Default Maximum Speed (KM/H) 25
Motor Type Brushless Geared Rear Hub Motor
Torque (NM) 60 (250W) | 80 (750W)
Bike Geometry
Axle to axle length (CM) 123
Handlebars Width (CM) 66
Total length (CM) 183
Bike Weight (KG) 34
Adjustable Handlebars Angle Yes
Adjustable Seat Height No
Box Gross Weight (KG) 46
Maximum Handlebars Height (CM) 113
Maximum Seat Height (CM) 83
Minimum Handlebars Height (CM) 113
Minimum Seat Height (CM) 83
Standover Height (CM) 30 (Step-Through Frame), 80 (Step-Over Frame)
Packaging Specifications
Packaging Dimensions (CM) | L x W x D 164 x 32 x 98
Front Wheel Mount Type Thru-Axle
Rear Wheel Mount Type Nuts
Adjustable Handlebars Height No
Gear Shifter Shimano Tourney SL-TX50-7r


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