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Cyberbikes Obsidian


Obsidian, the darkest ebike the world has ever known and the sharpest way to cut through traffic imaginable. Change the way you travel by experiencing the creature in person, the only way to understand is to feel the difference. Try one any time by visiting us, book an appointment online or simply text – we’re always keen to share our advice with you.

Premium Front Suspension Fork

The first step in ergonomics should be repeatability. Isn’t it the perfect time to adopt a technology before the damage is done? By utilising a quality front suspension fork we aim to take the strain off your wrists and hands. With customisable spring and pre-load settings we configure your ride to cope with the burden of sudden impacts that hurt over time. Our forks also feature a rare lock-out feature – enabling you to conserve energy otherwise lost on long ascents.

Front Battery-Integrated Lighting

The Powerful front HD-110 LED light casts a focused and intense beam of light along your path. Unlike the lighting systems of even 10 years ago, these LED’s are astonishingly efficient. Even if you left them on (you can’t) they would take days to deplete the battery. In contrast to the motor, they use no discernible amount of energy. A welcome upgrade from the Dynamo lights of old.

Bold Tires, Full Gauge Spokes & Alloy Guards

La Nina is upon us so we’ve opted to implement mountain bike grade tyres across our city range. The improved comfort that larger 27.5” x 2.4” Panasonic tires provide is in line with the mild efficiency losses – a factor which battery improvements have more than made up for. With strong double walled rims and blackened stainless steel 13 gauge spokes we take the time to manually fine tune them to suit Australian conditions. The Aluminium mud guards are gorgeous and sturdy, designed to contain any spray that would otherwise interfere with your journey.

Protective Gear Cage

Protecting your rear derailleur from impacts is an oft overlooked aspect of cycling. If misaligned, this external-gearbox of sorts can become noisy or fail to change gears entirely. Like most bikes, ours are fitted with a sacrificial ‘hangar’ – a part of the alignment system designed to bend if impacted (to protect the frame). We add a secondary level of protection in the form of an impact cage. A simple way to protect your hangar and help shield your gears.

Fully Programmable Motor Control

Obsidian’s rear K30 hub motor is a small but powerful package. It’s internally geared and weighs a total of 3.5kg . It’s configured with 3 phase wires and 5 hall sensors, a standard that enables open-source modification without the proprietary hurdles that guarantee planned obsolescence. Our motors are limited to 250W and 25km/h by law but are able to sustain “750W” levels without damage if used in off-road applications. Our models are uniquely encrypted to prevent users from being able to change settings on the go, without the risk of needing to buy a new bike when the laws do change in the future.

Side Kickstand

Obsidian has an easy to use and sturdy kick-down type side stand. It makes it easy to stop whenever you’re ready to and is designed to stay clear of the pedals should you need to move the bike backwards while parking.

Rear Pannier Rack

Obsidian’s rear rack is tailored to fit and mount along the seat-stays of the frame. Typical racks mount at 4 points behind the seat and at the rear wheel. Our style feels more robust with a more attractive form although both can only be rated for 25kg of load.
High Capacity Battery

  • Obsidian has a long-lasting Lithium Ion Battery, 48V 16Ah (768Wh) capable of 77km at 25km/h according to our range calculator. It is build using high quality Samsung 18650 type cells and has an internal Battery Management System to self balance and protect the battery from both discharging too deeply or being overcharged.

  • We use only high quality brand name cells in all of our batteries to ensure maximum reliability and safety.

    Cables and Connectors

    We use high end ‘Juliet’ style connectors for their ease of use and waterproofing characteristics. Each style can only mate to the component it is designed to connect to, preventing shorts that could damage your display or lights

    LCD Screen with Sine-Wave Controller

    A digital controller with a perfectly modular wave form that ensures smooth power delivery with true control over assistance level. Older style PWM controllers feel jerky in comparison to Sine-Wave controllers which are a huge step forwards in ebike technology. They are more efficient and produce less waste heat with more functionality and programmability than ever before.

    The display tracks your mileage, speed, battery and pedal assistance level.

    Rapid-fire Gear Shifter

    The Shimano SL-M310 lever and Altus derailleur make shifting through all 7 gears a breeze. Configured in mountain bike fashion the thumb lever downshifts while the index finger lever upshifts so you can always maintain a comfortable amount of load on your legs. Both pedal and motor power drive the rear wheel independently of one another whereby the power delivered electrically often helps you change gears more smoothly.
    GPS Tracking System

  • Our Exclusive Cybertrackers GPS System allows you to monitor your bikes location to protect it from theft, while also enabling you to keep an accurate record of it’s usage for planning routes and scheduling maintenance.
    Users can download the Cybertrackers App for both Android and IOS or login through their web browser.

  • Obsidian comes with 12 months subscription and tracking services included

    Rear Rack Integrated Light with Flashing Brake Signal
    The Powerful rear LED light is designed for increased visibility and seamlessly integrated into the rear rack. Unlike other offerings, our brake lights flash more brightly when you begin braking to alert drivers you’re slowing down. Another small innovation to help keep you safe

    Suspension seat post

  • Your bum will thank you. It’s like having a second cushion between yours and the bike to insulate against our bumpy roads.


    The adjustable stem allows you to adjust the perfect handlebar height for you, giving a comfortable upright riding position and improved ergonomics

    Upgraded Brakes

  • Hydraulic Tektro 350E Disc Brakes with adjustable levers and power cut-off sensors that activate the brake light flashing.

  • We immediately upgrade the brake pads of our bikes with Alligator performance pads that last up to 5000km, a considerable improvement over the 1000km typically experienced with stock resin pads.

    Secure Phone Holder

    With the robust phone holder installed on the handlebar, you can listen to music and follow the GPS coordinates without the worry of having to carry your phone in your pocket.

     Side Mirror

  • It is installed on the right-hand side of the handlebar. It allows you to see incoming traffic behind you, increases the rider’s safety and makes your ebike more stylish.


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