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The Benno RemiDemi: Ready. Clever. Bold.

 The RemiDemi® breaks all the rules of how a bike is supposed to look and ride. We gave it small wheels and fat, grippy tires for major maneuverability. A thick, sturdy frame with a convenient low step through. And an upright seating position atop a wide saddle that puts you in total control. The RemiDemi loves to play, but it can also put in heavy work with a powerful Bosch mid-drive electric motor, Shimano Sora 9-speed and hydraulic disc brakes, and available accessories that give you countless clever ways to carry a child or loads of cargo.

The longer Benno has designed e-bikes, the more he realised they are less bikes and more two-wheeled electrical vehicles.

That means they’ll continue to take on their own looks, identity and most importantly their own purpose. The electric motor changes how bikes ride, what you can do with them and what they are allowed to look like. Fat, small tyres are no longer slow and hard to ride; they are fun, grippy and offer lots of cushy suspension.

Low step-through frames are cool and convenient. High handlebars allow you to sit upright with a clear view of the road.

Bigger saddles are comfy and make you want to ride further.

The RemiDemi was designed to shed those old and outdated beliefs. It’s a totally new breed of e-bike with a fun yet sturdy and stable ride that gives you more control. The unique and iconic lines of the pragmatic frame design give it a fresh yet timeless look.

And of course, being a Benno it has their trademarked Etility® Design which means it can carry more cargo and can easily be accessorised with different Benno front trays.



Bosch Performance 250W, 65Nm, GEN 3

Assisted Speed





Bosch Purion On-Board Computer (5 Riding Modes)


Herrmans MR 8 E

Tail Light

Herrmans H-TRACE E




4130 CRMO Steel


4130 CRMO Steel

Seat Collar

50.8mm, Aluminum

Front Hub

KT Aluminum

Rear Hub

KT Aluminum


Double Wall w/Eyelets, Aluminum, 36H


Stainless 14G, Single Butted


20″ x 4.25″ Duro


Shimano, Acera SL

Front Derailluer


Rear Derailleur

Shimano Sora



Front Cog

48 Mega T


e Nove-91


CS 9 Speed, 11~32T




One Piece Aluminum


Benno Comfort w/Elastomer Springs


Diameter 30.9, Length 350mm, Aluminum


Width 675mm, Rise 126mm, Aluminum


Benno Custom Ergonomic, Lock-on


Aluminum, Threadless


FSA Intergrated


Extruded Molded Plastic

Front Brake

Shimano Hydraulic Disk BR-MT200

Rear Brakes

Shimano Hydraulic Disk BR-MT200

Brake Levers

Shimano BL-MT200


Built-in, Compatible with Yepp and Racktime

Front Tray


Baby Seat

Compatible – Secure Yepp Baby Seat Installation



Born and raised in Berlin, Germany, Benno was a skate and snowboard pioneer who dreamed of living in California. After graduating from design school he moved to San Diego where, in 1993, he co-founded the Electra Bicycle Company. Benno left the company in 2010 after its sale three years prior, but his restless desire to design better bikes and inspire people to ride remained, which led him to create Benno Bikes in 2015.


It started with a pencil sketch that led to an unexpected reinvention of bike design. The idea was simple. Tweak the standard geometry of the frame to create a more natural seating position and the ability to put your feet flat on the ground when starting and stopping. We called it Flat Foot Technology and it helped the Electra Bicycle Company I co-founded in 1993 inspire millions of people to ride. It seemed like common sense, but the rest of the bike industry was ignoring the real wants and needs of riders. In my opinion, this is still true today.

I founded Benno Bikes in 2015 with the goal of reinventing bike design once again. Not only to inspire more people to ride, but to empower them to ride more. To grab a helmet and leave their car keys behind. As a designer, I’m awed by the potential of electrification. It has transformed my humble pencil into a full-color palette of possibilities and changed the way I think about bike design and functionality. Electric assist flattens hills, shortens distances, blunts headwinds and lightens cargo weight, leaving only the joy of two wheels, without the objections. I believe most bike companies have yet to truly understand the power of electric assist technology to impact our everyday transportation choices. They continue to ignore the real desires of riders. Regular ebikes offer very little utility and full-size cargo ebikes are too big and awkward to ride daily. This has forced riders to choose between fun and practicality. So we’ve created a completely new ebike category. One that combines an awesome ride with the capability to carry significant loads. Where agility meets true utility. We call it Etility®.


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